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one false note book cover

Writer: Tali Shapira Shechter
Pages: 296
Book publishing: 2023Tal-myd publishing house
Year of publication:

Imagine going from upper class to no class in a heartbeat. A phone call. A note. And I’m talking about the cream of the crop: Luxury car? Gone. Careless shopping sprees? Gone. Dinners among the higher echelons of society? Gone. Just don’t let the neighbors see you wearing last year’s clothes.

And your loving husband, the father of your children? He promises it’s going to be alright, eventually – even if he’s the one who lost it all in the first place.

And your greedy boss doesn’t care as long as you’re bringing in million-dollar ideas.

Hell, even your lover thinks everything is perfect, tucked between satin sheets and wild arias over the speakers.

The question is, how far would you go to keep the life you always dreamed of? Betray your partner of twenty years? Sell out your boss? Murder?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is just the beginning, and there is a whole opera ahead of us.

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